1. Dordrecht English


Dordrecht may well be one of the country’s best kept secrets. Where else can you find a city on an island with plenty of culture, vibrant festivals, rugged nature and a rich past that you can still experience today among the thousands of monuments in the historic city centre? The British newspaper The Times even called Dordrecht a hidden gem, suggesting it as an alternative for short city trips to capitals such as Barcelona and Paris. Dordrecht is the only Dutch city to be included on a list of thirty hidden gems across Europe.

Holland’s oldest city is a city with many facets, an island where everything is possible and where everyone will feel at home. Whether you want to go on a canoe trip through the winding creeks in Biesbosch National Park or take your bike for a spin through the polders, have breakfast in the historic city centre, or head out to see a good film, catch a play or enjoy a great concert. This is an island that will appeal to history lovers, who will appreciate the city’s rich history and more than 1,000 (national) monuments, as well as to children who will have the time of their life here.

Dordrecht is also a good shopping destination, with plenty of stylish clothes shops, unique speciality stores and countless shops that sell antiques, art and vintage items. Where you can sample the finest food and drink in the city’s many cosy restaurants and cafés.

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